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Founded by Akiko Iriyama, BostonBranding is a branding company formed by two decades of multi-cultural communications experience for high-profile global marketers.  BostonBranding is comprised of a small team of designers, copywriters, public relations and production specialists who work together in harmony.

Akiko hails from Hokkaido, Japan and has traveled the world extensively, giving her a sophisticated perspective on marketing and design.

For more than twenty years, Akiko has been developing versatile projects for the major corporations such as Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, Polimeri Europa, Equate, Univation Technologies (Joint Venture of Union Carbide and Exxon Chemical), Madison Cable Corporation, Chromatic Technologies, Stowe Woodward, and Mount Hope. She branded new company images for Columbia Architectural Group and Cedarhurst. She also developed the new ad campaign “Market Intelligence and Universal Language” for IDC.  PGA TOUR has been using the President Cup “International Team” logo Akiko designed since 1996.
The Tenkai pinwheel, symbol of our integrated approach


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